What is CEP ?

First of all. I would like to start my blog with giving some information about DuyarliOZU. DuyarliOZU is a project that was launched in 2011 by a team and it associates Ozyegin University students with non-governmental organizations. They are responsible for running CEP(Community Engagement Projects). Their main goal is to raise awareness of social problems. They offer variety of volunteer-based projects to the students of OzU in English(ENG 102/104/106) . Then students select one of the projects and they perform 12 hours as a volunteer. Lastly, the students create a blog and share their voluntary experiences like me 🙂 .

Coming to my project, I was enrolled in Make a Wish. The main aim of Make a Wish is realize the wishes of children with serious illnesses. Because of that, we were assigned to collect donations. So, how did we collect these donations? We opened a stand near Nero and sold a lot of them. Some students made cakes, lemonades, cookies, cupcakes, waffles and some of them made handcrafted products such as bracelets and they sell all of the things. We sold different kind of things but everyone’s goal was to realized the wishes of a child with a difficult situation. After all, we collected a lot of money. We will spend a day with the child who makes the wish and we will use this money to realize child’s wishes. I think this will be the most beautiful moment of the project because we will share that child’s happiness :).



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