My CEP Experience

Hello my dear readers!

Now I will talk about my CEP experiences. Like I said before we were volunteered for 12 hours event at the stand. I will summarize all my hours briefly. I divided to 12 hours into 3 days. First day I sold cupcakes at the stand for 6 hours. It was a long time so it was very exhausting but when it came to my mind why I was doing that, my all tiredness was going because one of the most precious things in this world is a happy child. By the way, I sold 4/6 cupcakes!! 🙂 I think my cupcakes were very fancy and more colorful than Nero’s  :).Second day, I would preferred the sell cakes at the stand for 4 hours. Cake alike cupcake, I knew it but my sources were limited because I stay at the dormitory 😦 . Nevertheless, I sold quite a lot slices of cake :). In my third day, I had to sell 2 more hours. Because of a short selling period, I decided to sell lemonade. I think I am very lucky because the weather was very hot and students wanted more fresh drinks than coffees in Nero :). I sold many glasses of lemonade and the OzU students who get bored from the lessons, sipped their fresh lemonades. My product was both practical and it provided a good income. Except those, students and teachers bought products not just to drink or eat. Also they wanted to make a donation too. It made me really happy to realize how sensitive the people who are in my school. Also, the project helped to meeting new people. 🙂


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