More than 3 words…

My Community Engagement Project is more than 3 words but I have to decribe it in 3 words :(. I would use hope, happiness and beneficial. I chose hope and happiness  because for a child, to hope means to want to be happy or need to be happy. Even if their hopes are different, there are no valuable things than making them happy. I believe that when we realize their wishes, they will forget their health problems and they will enjoy the day. This is beneficial for them, that’s why I chose beneficial. To see the smile on their face value all my labor and effort. I learned a lot from CEP. So all my experiences are unforgettable! I recommend to everyone volunteering in projects… I really hope you enjoyed my blog.

Thank you ! 🙂


My CEP Experience

Hello my dear readers!

Now I will talk about my CEP experiences. Like I said before we were volunteered for 12 hours event at the stand. I will summarize all my hours briefly. I divided to 12 hours into 3 days. First day I sold cupcakes at the stand for 6 hours. It was a long time so it was very exhausting but when it came to my mind why I was doing that, my all tiredness was going because one of the most precious things in this world is a happy child. By the way, I sold 4/6 cupcakes!! 🙂 I think my cupcakes were very fancy and more colorful than Nero’s  :).Second day, I would preferred the sell cakes at the stand for 4 hours. Cake alike cupcake, I knew it but my sources were limited because I stay at the dormitory 😦 . Nevertheless, I sold quite a lot slices of cake :). In my third day, I had to sell 2 more hours. Because of a short selling period, I decided to sell lemonade. I think I am very lucky because the weather was very hot and students wanted more fresh drinks than coffees in Nero :). I sold many glasses of lemonade and the OzU students who get bored from the lessons, sipped their fresh lemonades. My product was both practical and it provided a good income. Except those, students and teachers bought products not just to drink or eat. Also they wanted to make a donation too. It made me really happy to realize how sensitive the people who are in my school. Also, the project helped to meeting new people. 🙂

What is CEP ?

First of all. I would like to start my blog with giving some information about DuyarliOZU. DuyarliOZU is a project that was launched in 2011 by a team and it associates Ozyegin University students with non-governmental organizations. They are responsible for running CEP(Community Engagement Projects). Their main goal is to raise awareness of social problems. They offer variety of volunteer-based projects to the students of OzU in English(ENG 102/104/106) . Then students select one of the projects and they perform 12 hours as a volunteer. Lastly, the students create a blog and share their voluntary experiences like me 🙂 .

Coming to my project, I was enrolled in Make a Wish. The main aim of Make a Wish is realize the wishes of children with serious illnesses. Because of that, we were assigned to collect donations. So, how did we collect these donations? We opened a stand near Nero and sold a lot of them. Some students made cakes, lemonades, cookies, cupcakes, waffles and some of them made handcrafted products such as bracelets and they sell all of the things. We sold different kind of things but everyone’s goal was to realized the wishes of a child with a difficult situation. After all, we collected a lot of money. We will spend a day with the child who makes the wish and we will use this money to realize child’s wishes. I think this will be the most beautiful moment of the project because we will share that child’s happiness :).


Who Am I ?

Hello everyone,

My name is Sena and I am 20 years old. I’ve been studying at Ozyegin University for 2 years and my department is Business Administration. To talk about my interests, I like shopping a lot. I interested in fashion in my free times. Also, I like travelling too. Exploring new places is my passion 🙂 . I will talk about my CEP project and DuyarliOZU in this blog. I hope that you will enjoy reading my blog :).